what am I going to do / safety

by Jim Curnutte

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Here is Safety and What am I going to do. I hope that you enjoy these songs as much as Mark, Alex and myself did recording them. Safety will be on the album Safety coming soon. What Am I Going To Do will be on the album Black and White … because it's cheaper, it's release is sometime this spring, or maybe sooner, who knows.
Peace out, rock on, hell yeah and so on.
Love this.

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released December 30, 2015

Produced by - Jim Curnutte
Engineered by - Jim Curnutte
Recorded at - Neuromobility Sound Studios
Recording locations - Hollywood, CA 1982 and Huntington, WV 2015
Analog to digital transfers - Shayne Barker
Cover design - Neuworte Neuworte

Jim Curnutte - guitar, bass, moog and vocals
Alex Kendall - drums, percussion (what am i going to do)
Mark Stark - drums (the safety)

© ℗ 2015 ur story-teller music, bmi
© ℗ 2015 Neurological Records - All rights reserved



all rights reserved
Track Name: what am I going to do
What Am I Going To Do
Jim Curnutte

What do you say, when somebody takes Love away from you
Puts it in their shoe, and they laugh at you

What do you say, if they make you laugh or they make you cry
What do we want from life, do we want to laugh or do we want to cry
Well I don't know what I want for me

I've been wondering,
When the daylight goes will I be sitting alone
Yes, I've been wondering,
Now what am I going to do

What am I going to do?
What am I going to do?
What am I going to do?

© ur story-teller music, bmi
Track Name: safety
Really not necessary don't you think?

© ur story-teller music, bmi