Scotch 150 (delayed)

by Jim Curnutte


Here is a tape from my tape vault that contains songs recorded on side one in Beaumont Texas during 1970 and 1971. Side two of this tape has songs recorded in Huntington WV in 1972. At that time I was writing different albums worth of material. The majority of these songs would eventually be re-recorded and appear on Sunnydale. At the time of working on Sunnydale I happen to find notes on this album with a working title of Sunnydale Brook Farm Barnyard. I shortened the title back in 1977 when Jane and I re-recorded the album to present it to the jc story-teller band members. Sunnydale's 4 track material later in 2015 had drums added to it by Alex Kendal. You can find this version here on Bandcamp. Check it out.
Sunnydale was actually first recorded in it's album demo form in Lakeland Florida back in 1974. A few of those original 1974 four track recordings have appeared on compilation albums released here on Bandcamp. I hope to eventually release Sunnydale Brook Farm Barnyard and all of those other early 4 track albums from 1974 and 1975. Until then my time is devoted to gathering as much of my earlier recordings and releasing them here on Bandcamp. A task that is very taxing because I have to listen too, edit and mix a lot of songs that are on some 17 different 7" analog reels of tape that Shayne Barker and I digitally transferred a couple of years ago.

Produced by - Jim Curnutte
Engineered by - Jim Curnutte
Recorded at - Neuromobility Sound Studios
Recording location - Beaumont, TX 1970-71 and Huntington, WV 1972
Analog to digital transfers - Shayne Barker and Jim Curnutte
Cover design - Neuworte Neuworte

Jim Curnutte - guitar and vocals

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© 2016 Neurological Records - All rights reserved


released December 12, 2016