(factorial) the 24 track redux - (delayed)

by Jim Curnutte


It's been long overdue. Here contains the (factorial) 24 and 4 track remixes. During the mixing of (factorial) the master 24 track tapes started to shed their oxide. We had just completed the master mix set ups for all of the album. Then we set the master mixing board to put drums out in front and the music and vocals to the back for Mark and Chris to use as audition tapes. To our shock during this the oxide started shedding off of the 2" tapes. After I went crazy, the studio engineers said they were done for it. We were now stuck with these drums way out in front for the entire album. I took the 1/2 track drum audition mixes to the mastering people to EQ the fuck out of in hopes that could help solve the problem. I personally have never been happy with the final pressings of the album (factorial). Now, with the help of advanced technology I had the 24 track tapes baked and cleaned. The restoration people at Sonicraft said they were salvageable and then presented me with 24 track wave files for every song. Over the past 3 years I have now completed what I intended the (factorial) album to sound. Compare and you will notice a big difference in how this remix sounds to the original 1/2 track version.
The original cover idea for the album (factorial) was to be a gate-fold. The cost was 2 times the amount I spent on recording the album. Here is what the original outside was going to look like. On all of the song pages is what the inside of the gatefold would have been. Ignore the white and black, bandcamp doesn't allow for resizing of their images to make them in the exact aspect ratio for a gate-fold.

Produced by - Jim Curnutte
Production assistant - Jim "Max" Maxwell
Engineered by - Steve McDonald, Jim Curnutte
Recorded at - Perspective Studios - Burbank, CA
Re-mix engineer - Jim Curnutte
Re-mixed at - Neuromobility Studios - Huntington, WV
Digital transfer of 24 track recordings - Sonicraft, Inc. - Freehold, NJ

Jim Curnutte - guitar, bass, moog, piano and vocals
Tom Pavkovic - lead guitar
Kevin Goodman - lead guitar
Jim Maxwell - moog textures on Animosity
Randy Knapp - bass
Jeff Miller - bass
Mark Segal - drums
Chris Schendel - drums
Alex Kendall - drums on Any Afternoon and Time Cube (alternate version)

© ℗ u r story-teller music, bmi
© ℗ 2017 Neurological Records - Hollywood, CA


released January 20, 2017