Complicated 3

by Jim Curnutte

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Why two different names you may ask? When I played live and also recorded these songs my stage name was jc story-teller. Of course my real name is Jim Curnutte and I wrote them. I wanted to present them in this package that way, my name on top and the stage name underneath.
This Volume spans time from Kansas City (1972) across five years to Hollywood (1977). This volume has more longer songs than the other two. I really like this Volume. The two long songs are exactly how I would perform live when I had an audience there especially to see me. I'd do three big long pieces and then head home. I Was Wondering has six songs that tie together with the same theme and If It's true has three. Neurological Madness had 14 songs that were tied together with a theme.

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released May 2, 2016

Produced by - Jim Curnutte
Engineered by - Jim Curnutte
Recorded at - Neuromobility Sound Studios
Analog to digital transfers - Shayne Barker
Cover photo - Christine Cobaugh
Cover design - Neuworte Neuworte
Complicated 3 was recorded in 1972 Kansas City, MO - 1974 Lakeland, FL - 1974 Huntington, WV and 1977 Hollywood, CA

Jim Curnutte - guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals

© ℗ 2016 ur story-teller muisc, bmi
© ℗ 2016 Neurological Records - All rights reserved



all rights reserved
Track Name: Trees Distance Away
Jim Curnutte - guitar and vocals

Recorded Kansas City, MO 1972

© ℗ 2016 ur story-teller music, bmi
© ℗ 2016 Neurological Records - All rights reserved