Complicated 1

by Jim Curnutte

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In the winter of 1973 I went to Columbus Ohio to a big stereo outlet store and bought a Teac 2340-S 4 track recorder. It was time to multi-track all of those songs floating in my head. Before I had the Teac I relied on friends who had 2 track stereo tape recorders. Sometimes I spend all day getting it right only to find out that they had recorded me at such a low volume of saturation that when you played it back it was nothing but me and hiss.
Jane Chafin and I soon afterwards set out to Lakeland Florida. When we got to Lakeland where Jane's brother owned a music store. He gave us some great discounts on mixers and microphones. We lived in a real cool bungalow which was on the property of this big estate. We had the privacy and started recording projects. This Complicated ! is the best of the Lakeland recordings. We recorded 40 plus songs during the time we lived there.
When I was choosing these song recordings I had several needs for the song to meet. It had to at least have all instruments in tune, there wasn't place where I just played over the mistakes and lastly the song held up from beginning to end. I would have loved to put all of the 40 plus songs on here, but I add lib a lot and wasn't always worried about perfection, so some songs are good, but hey they crack up in places. Maybe some day I can at least master them with the instruments that I played spot on when I recorded them.
The intention was to get all my songs out of my head and down on tape in at least a ruff draft production and then when other musicians are available then they'll have something to go by. I never recorded any of my songs until 1978 that we produced to be released on vinyl with the exception of Janie's Daydreams and Sunnydale. Get the first Assassin of Silence and you'll find this great 4 track Neuromobility sound. It went over very good. Hey, I'm Disconnected which was played all day and night for weeks on KROQ-FM in LA was a home done four track recording.
I hope that you all enjoy these songs as much as I do and have had the pleasure of remastering directly from the original multi-track recordings.
If you ever want to share with me anything, go to the contact link on this page and shoot me an email. I promise you I will get back with you.
Peace and love
Jim Curnutte

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released April 4, 2016

Produced by - Jim Curnutte
Engineered by - Jim Curnutte
Recorded at - Neuromobility Sound Studios
Analog to digital transfers - Shayne Barker
Cover photo - Christine Cobaugh
Cover design - Neuworte Neuworte
Complicated 1 was recorded in Lakeland, FL, 1974

Jim Curnutte - guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals
Jane Chafin - backing vocals*

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